#GOMujeres 2023 Results Report

In March 2023, the 8th edition of #GOMujeres, HIP’s digital movement for gender equity, celebrated the impact of investing in women’s education, health, opportunities, and leadership.

This year, our focus was bridging the gap between women’s rights activists and women who want to support the women’s and girls’ movement . We aimed to forge connections, fostering sisterhood, and enabling more women to engage in this movement for equity.

52 nonprofit organizations from 8 countries launched crowdfunding campaigns, accessing matching funds and special incentives. On International Women’s Day, March 8th, we provided $15,000 USD in matching funds to double donations thanks to our partners:

Together, we channeled a total of $125K USD to defend human rights and create opportunities for Latina women and girls across the Americas. Our report showcases the impactful results of #GOMujeres 2023, illustrating how this empowering movement continues to grow, uniting funders, nonprofits, and individuals.

Discover the results of #GOMujeres 2023!

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