#ComunidadEnMovimiento Results 2023 edition

In collaboration with HIP’s Migration and Forced Displacement Program, HIPGive launched the second edition of the #ComunidadEnMovimiento campaign during September 2023 to support and promote projects from organizations focused on defending, protecting, and guaranteeing the human rights of people on the move in the Americas. 


This year our focus was to raise awareness about the multiple causes of migration, the reality of people on the move and the opportunities to mobilize resources for civil society organizations that accompany them. We amplified the impact of donations through matching funds, effectively doubling contributions to participating projects. For this edition, we joined forces with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and Casey Family Programs.


In #ComunidadEnMovimiento 2023, 11 organizations from both Mexico and the United States took center stage with crowdfunding campaigns. We invite you to delve deeper into our report and read the results of #ComunidadEnMovimiento 2023.

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