#LatinxGive on GivingTuesday: an annual tradition that keeps on giving

By Anita Gallagher
Training Lead at HIPGive

As fall swings round and the end of the year is in sight, thoughts turn quickly to GivingTuesday, the global generosity movement that inspires giving across borders. HIPGive was one of the first to see the potential of GivingTuesday: our #LatinxGive campaign goes back to 2015. Today #LatinxGive remains our strongest annual campaign having helped hundreds of nonprofits raising over $3.2 M USD.

To find out what GivingTuesday is about, and how running a #LatinxGive campaign on GivingTuesday can help further your goals, Anita Gallagher sat down with Ana Marie Argilagos, President & CEO (Washington, D.C.); Jazmin Chavez, Associate Vice President for Public Affairs at HIP (Denver); and Junueth Mejía, HIPGive’s Program Manager (Mexico City). 


Why does GivingTuesday still make sense so many years on? 

“GivingTuesday is Latinx philanthropy. It’s a model embodied by our hermanos, primas, tíos, and abuelas who already champion Latinx philanthropy with every hour of selfless support, and every dollar dropped in an offering plate,” explains Ana Marie. “We fund brilliant young entrepreneurs, street vendors, community groups that traditional funders have turned away,  and nonprofits that are innovating to change systemic and historic racism, and we do it all together, with or without traditional partners.”

Jazmin focuses on the givers’ point of view. “For me, GivingTuesday is about removing ourselves from the capitalist and consumerist drive of Black Friday to focus on community. It’s an opportunity to give back, especially to support local organizations who are doing incredible work. That’s so valuable this year and every year.”

“What I love about GivingTuesday,” says Junueth, “is the freedom it encompasses and the innovation it allows.”  She highlights how it is transformational for the sector, helping nonprofits of all shapes and sizes create new ways for people to give, without having to stick to predefined rules or patterns. 


How does GivingTuesday align with the goal of strengthening Latinx leadership, influence and equity? 

“GivingTuesday, like HIP, is people-powered. Latinxs have always been charitable, and this day allows us to supercharge those values,” explains Ana Marie.  

Junueth continues explaining how HIPGive has been leading the way. “#LatinxGive on GivingTuesday was one of the first community/cause campaigns to bring people together and it’s had a really significant impact. Thanks to #LatinxGive we’ve had a powerful moment each year to show the great work of #Latinx-led organizations, and to empower them to strengthen  their communities of support through digital philanthropy.”


How has GivingTuesday changed over time? By getting involved, where can we help take it in the future? 

According to Jazmin, there’s no doubt that GivingTuesday is fast becoming an annual tradition, both in the US and around the world. “I love that it’s become a part of our fall family tradition as we identify the organizations we want to support!” 

Junueth, thinking back to the start of #LatinxGive, links what HIPGive did in the early days to the emergence of authenticity, community and inclusion as key messages around GivingTuesday. “Our adaptation of GivingTuesday inspired others to make it their own and has contributed to this drive for diversity that we see in the wider GivingTuesday movement today. It’s up to us to keep pushing, keep innovating so that the boundaries of GivingTuesday are not defined by others, but by us, the people who move the movement.”

Ana Marie agrees. “We’re just getting started! I love that as well as crowdfunding we’re continuing to launch innovative tools for philanthropy—including Digital Giving Circles, a great way for people to give together.”


Finally, why should nonprofits run a crowdfunding campaign as part of #LatinxGive on GivingTuesday? 

“It’s a platform and a campaign that is built by us and for us”, is Jazmin’s confident answer. Junueth goes on to explain, “A crowdfunding campaign at HIPGive is not only a campaign, it’s being part of the Latinx community, supporting social change but also being mutually supportive of each other.” 

Everyone is quick to point out the practical benefits. “To be frank, it’s easier for a large number of people to participate because it’s free and bilingual” exclaims Ana Marie. Jazmin  highlights the support offered: from training bootcamps and ongoing accompaniment via email to WhatsApp groups and much more. “In short,” sums up Junueth, “we take all our experience from more than 6 years with #LatinxGive and we share it with you, showing all the many ways you can connect with your audience at this time of year.” 

“Exactly!” exclaims Ana Marie. #LatinxGive is about building up our collective corazón, encouraging nonprofits, groups and individuals to come together  to channel the power of philanthropy into their communities.”


Are you interested in running a crowdfunding campaign as part of #LatinxGive on GivingTuesday? Find out more about #LatinxGive 2021 and how you can join here.

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