#ComunidadEnMovimiento Results 2023 edition

In collaboration with HIP’s Migration and Forced Displacement Program, HIPGive launched the second edition of the #ComunidadEnMovimiento campaign during September…Continue reading#ComunidadEnMovimiento Results 2023 edition

#GOMujeres 2023 Results Report

Our report showcases the impactful results of #GOMujeres 2023, illustrating how this empowering movement continues to grow, uniting funders, nonprofits, and individuals.Continue reading#GOMujeres 2023 Results Report

#GOMujeres Results 2022 edition

Read our report and discover more about how #GOMujeres 2022 became a window to highlight various agendas and projects by and for Latina women and girls.Continue reading#GOMujeres Results 2022 edition

#GOMujeres Results 2019 edition

Read our report and learn how #GOMujeres shines a light on the diverse and intersectional agendas affecting women and girls across the Americas.Continue reading#GOMujeres Results 2019 edition

Crowdfunding in Mexico: HIPGive's Experience

In this analysis we collected our experiences during the #MxDona y #GOMujeres campaigns carried out in the first semester of 2020.Continue readingCrowdfunding in Mexico: HIPGive’s Experience

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