Guide to Join a Digital Giving Circle (as a member)

A Giving Circle is a new way of giving that allows people to come together, learn and collaborate in support of social impact projects.

The dynamic is simple: a small group of like-minded individuals come together to explore proposals and democratically choose which organization they want to support through financial donations and other means.

With the digital Giving Circles tool on HIPGive, you can:

  • Join a Giving Circle that shares your vision
  • Support non-profit organizations across the Americas
  • Make secure and tax-deductible donations in Mexico and the United States
  • Create and update your profile
  • Share messages with other members of your Digital Giving Circle


Check out our guide to join a Digital Giving Circle and access all the functionalities.

If you have more questions, you can visit our FAQs page or write to us at 

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