Guide to Create your Digital Giving Circle

A Giving Circle is a group of individuals who pool their time and funds to create positive change. They discover socially impactful projects and, through dialogue and discussion, collectively decide where to allocate their financial contributions.

This new philanthropic model is driven by individuals like you: it’s all about exploring your values, contributing with intentionality, and multiplying your impact, all in a relaxed and social environment.

At HIPGive, we’ve launched a new digital tool to manage Giving Circles. Within our 100% bilingual platform (Spanish and English), you can:

  • Create an online profile for your Giving Circle
  • Support nonprofit organizations across the Americas
  • Make secure and tax-deductible transactions in Mexico and the United States
  • Access-contact data
  • Create and update your profile
  • Communicate with Giving Circle members


Managing your circle’s financial contributions is secure and easy. The administrative fee is 5% for each transaction, in addition to the payment processor fees which average 3.5%. 


Check out our guide to create your own Digital Giving Circle and share your generosity with the causes that you care about.


If you have more questions, you can visit our FAQs page  or write to us at 


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