Crowdfunding Checklist

Welcome to our “Crowdfunding Checklist” series. Our goal is to accompany you throughout your crowdfunding campaign.

In this first video, Mapy is going to give you a list of all the things you should have prepared before you begin your campaign so that you’re not rushed later on.


An important feature of HIPGive is our commitment to support you throughout your campaign. We want to help you make your campaign a success and help you and your team continue to develop your communication skills.

For this reason, the second video in our “Crowdfunding Checklist” series is an important review of what to take into account when launching a crowdfunding campaign.


In the third video of our series Mapy is going to give you five simple ways to engage with your audience on social media.


After the first 15 days of your campaign it is important to analyze the results and whether it is necessary to adjust your communications strategy. What should you be focusing on at this stage? In this short video “How to reach your goal” we share some useful ideas so you finish your campaign in the best way possible.


In the last days of your campaign it is also important to start planning your ‘thank yous’ to everyone who contributed to your campaign. In the following video of the “Crowdfunding Checklist” series, Anita shares three steps to create a sincere and emotive thank you, so that no matter how your campaign goes, you’re still ending on a high note.

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