Promoters are not as involved as we expected

We can’t say this enough: in order to crowdfund, you need a crowd! But yes, sometimes it is not that easy to motivate the people closest to the organization, including your team, to get to work and help boost the crowdfunding campaign.

Do not give up! Here are four strategies you can use to motivate people to become ambassadors for your campaign.

  1. Talk to your President / CEO. They can personally request your colleagues to share the campaign, so it is not only the communications or fundraising teams asking. It is important that both the Management and the Board of Directors set the example and demonstrate how they have shared the campaign.
  2. Make it easy. If you simply ask your colleagues to join in, they may not know where to start. Instead, you can share a video, some images, and a specific text with the link to the project that they can copy and paste to save time. Ideally, they can use these materials and then add their message in their own words, so there’s authenticity and real human connection.
  3. Be specific. Following the previous point, it is easier for your colleagues to comply if you ask them for something easy to do in the short term and measurable. Instead of saying “help us spread the word”, you can ask for something more specific: “Please share the campaign with 5 people in the course of the day.”
  4. Create a challenge or offer a prize. At HIPGive you can find out the names of those who contribute to the campaign. Then, you can also identify, in many cases, who on your team referred those HIPGivers. What’s more, if you create a page for each promoter with the peer-to-peer feature, they can create their own page and move towards their own small goal. If you combine that with a special prize or incentive for whoever generates the most HIPGivers, you will see how they become much more motivated!
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