We have not been able to dedicate the necessary time to the campaign

It is never too late to pump up the energy of your crowdfunding campaign. Whether you reach your goal or not, each and every contribution is valuable. Valuable for the money it represents, but also for the person who gave. Each individual is an opportunity to create a relationship and grow a support community.

So don’t give up and focus on what you can do up to the end of the campaign. How can you make the most of the time remaining?

  1. Share inspiring content. Videos, photos, and high-impact stories are the type of content that creates empathy and positive emotions. Choose your most inspiring content and share it via mail, social media, WhatsApp… Take advantage of all the opportunities so people can discover your project and feel the positive impact it will generate!
  2. Make it personal. The next step is to invite your friends and family to contribute. But remember! You shouldn’t share the “official” message. It’s better if you explain, in your own words, why you believe in the project and how people will feel after contributing. Maybe they don’t really know the cause but they do know you and they believe in you.
  3. Create a video series. Similar to the previous activity, use your cell phone camera to record other people on your team explaining in their own words the meaning of the project and the opportunity to contribute. Don’t forget to ask them to close with a call to action so people know how to donate. Choose the most impactful and emotional videos and share them with your audience with the link for your project.
  4. Above all, don’t give up! Keep on sharing, posting and starting conversations with existing and potential donors. It is said that “fundraising” is really about “friend-raising”, so adopt a friendly tone with people and see how they respond.
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